Our shop is located in Orvieto, a city of ancient origins located in the southwestern side of Umbria.

A territory rich in history, nature and traditions. It is known that since the time of the Etruscan civilization, Orvieto and its vast territory have been fertile and active areas for the cultivation of plants such as grapes and olives from which then, like today, are are transformed into valuable products such as wine and olive oil.

Wine in particular was very present at Etruscan banquets and its production continued in the following years with the Romans, and again in the Middle Ages and into the modern era. In this last historical period, when the city of Orvieto belonged to the Papal State, it is said that for its excellence, the wine produced in the Orvieto hills was called “the Wine of the Popes“.

In addition to wine and olive oil, other products which are part of the agri-food heritage of the territory, typically linked to the Umbrian regional traditions are: cold cuts, honey, cheeses, legumes, mushrooms and precious truffles. Products of excellence that are part of the Umbrian gastronomy and that cannot be missing from regional recipes.

Orvieto represents an essential destination for those who want to visit a city of rich in art history, unique monuments and which also boasts an eno-gastronomic value. A city that perfectly embodies the best of Italy, combining the beauty of a historic center that has remained intact over time with the flavors of the local lands.